Why I Want My Babies Back

I have spent a lot of time both personally and publically trying to figure out if I want to have more kids. It’s an achingly hard decision for many of us, especially when our spouses don’t always agree. But the other night, after holding a friend’s newborn and then finding myself looking at pictures of my own kids when they were tiny, adorable, non-tantrumming infants, what I realized is this: I don’t want more kids; I just want to have my babies back.

And I want to have my babies back now, as the mom I am today. Not the haggard, inexperienced, anxious mom I was then. Don’t get me wrong, I would never take back the time I had with my beautiful babes then. But I would love to hold and gaze at my babies as the mom I am today- slightly more stable and sane, with some idea of what I’m doing and what to expect. I think the “itch” I feel is really me craving more of that delicious baby time, but in my current phase of life.

Back then, while I did value that time as much as I could, it was a crazy stage. I was tired, sometimes cranky and uncertain. And I didn’t know what to expect. How fun would it be to go back now, with 5 years under my mom belt, and revisit those sweet snuggles? Breastfeed my babies, watch them babble, crawl and walk for the first time?

I suppose it’s natural to miss these moments, often with a ferocious intensity which can bring me to tears. I wish I could replay those memories in a way so vivid that I felt I was right back in the rocker, singing my child to sleep. Sometimes I am able to capture a glimpse of those moments; when I catch a fresh baby smell, or hear my child sigh in her sleep. But it feels too far away.

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(This post was originally published on San Francisco Mom’s Blog on February 22nd, 2017)

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