How to Cultivate Your Child’s Inner Activist

Around the country, teenagers are stepping up and speaking out against gun violence and demanding gun reform after yet another violent school shooting. Regardless of your stance on this issue, it is inspiring to see kids using the only outlet they have -their voice- to make a difference. To quote those students, “we are turning tragedy into an opportunity... Continue Reading →

How To Parallel Park Like A Boss

The first car I drove was my mom’s suburban- she would let me borrow it at night and on weekends in high school. It was humungous, and learning to park that tank was a feat all in itself. Luckily my grandfather, Murphy, was a fantastic parallel parker and taught me the few crucial steps to... Continue Reading →

A Personal Request to All College Men

This is my personal response to the verdict and aftermath of Brock Turner. It is also a message to college men everywhere: Perhaps now is the time that we as a nation stop using someone's intelligence, athleticism and financial and social influence as reasons to excuse him from such a heinous crime as sexual assault. Perhaps... Continue Reading →

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